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    Being a Hero is Human Nature

    “We’re really happy to have found Chemrez, which has a lot in common with Human Nature in terms of our advocacy and values.”

    • Anna Meloto-Wilk, Human Nature

    Human Nature is a social enterprise with a mission to uplift the lives of Filipinos, especially the marginalized. Human Nature produces world-class natural and organic beauty, personal and home care products. For the Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor, and Pro-Environment social enterprise there was difficulty in finding companies that could provide raw materials that fit their needs.

    Raw materials used by Human Nature are thoroughly researched to ensure that each one is naturally derived; safe for human consumption; produced using a green process; and is not converted into toxic substances when mixed with other ingredients or disposed- off in the environment. Human Nature asks the question, “Can this plant or herb or other natural raw materials, be sourced locally?” If the answer is no, a further question is asked, “Can it eventually be grown in the Philippines?” It is only when an ingredient meets these criteria that it is eventually used.

    Coconut oil-based surfactants or cleansing agents manufactured by Chemrez Technologies, Inc., passed Human Nature’s stringent test for use in their Tough Love liquid detergent, dishwashing liquid, and powder detergent products. Searching and finally finding a local source for natural cleansing agents, founder Anna Meloto-Wilk exclaimed,

    “We’re really happy to have found Chemrez, which has a lot in common with Human Nature in terms of our advocacy and values. It is a company which manufactures sophisticated and safe products by harnessing the country’s natural resources. It shows that the Philippines is not limited to just exporting raw materials from our natural resources but that it is also capable of synthesizing these into world-class products like these coconut oil-based cleansing agents.”

    With a manufacturer like Chemrez Technologies Inc., Human Nature and other social enterprises have a reliable and safe partner in creating products that do good for their consumers and the environment. With its remarkable success in a short period of time, Human Nature sees itself becoming a globally successful enterprise with a heart which will serve as a gold standard and embolden other businesses to follow suit to better serve the society, particularly the poor.

    In ending, Anna said, “Human Nature will be among the best players in the world, with a global brand, and with a sustainable business that is truly Filipino and takes to heart the welfare of the poor and the environment.”



    Savonel® and Hi-Foam® are the coconut oil-based cleansing agents manufactured by Chemrez Technologies, Inc. Its products are designed to reduce or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances. Its manufacturing processes are properly engineered to adequately address safety, health, and environment concerns.